Constitution and By-Laws of Sanskriti

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1.0    Officers

1.1    President
1.2    General Secretary
1.3    Treasurer
1.4    Outgoing President as an ex-officio member
The Executive Committee is empowered to make 3 (three) additional ad-hoc members (b) of the Executive Committee if and when necessary.

2.0    Qualifications

2.1    A candidate must have been a member for at least one year and a voting member at the time of the election.
2.2    A candidate must be a resident of greater Buffalo area.
2.3    No member can be nominated for more than one office.

3.0    Term of Office

3.1    Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a term of one year or until their successors are elected and assume the office.
3.2    No officer shall serve more than 3 consecutive terms in the same office.
3.3    The term of office shall begin on 1st of January and end on 31st December of each year.

4.0    Vacancy in office

4.1    In case of mid-term vacancy in the office of the President, the General Secretary shall fill the office of the President.
4.2    All other vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Committee members until the next election or by appointing members in good standing.

5.0    Election of Officers

5.1    Election will be held at the annual general body meeting every year. (b).
5.2    The Executive Committee shall notify the chairman of the Trust Committee about the election at least one month before the annual general body meeting.(b).
5.3    Upon notification from the Executive Committee, the Trust Committee will serve as the Election Committee. (b).
5.4    Nominations of eligible candidates shall be sent to the Chairman of the Trust Committee at least 2 weeks before the annual meeting to be held by Nov 30 of each year.(b).
5.5    Elections shall be by the majority of the votes cast by eligible members of Sanskriti.
5.6    Charges shall be handed over by the outgoing committee during the last week of December.
5.7    If there are no nominations, the Trust Committee is authorized to nominate eligible members to fill the vacancy.

6.0    Duties of officers

6.1    President
6.1.1    Shall preside at all meetings of the General Body and of the Executive Committee.
6.1.2    Shall coordinate activities of all officers.
6.1.3    Shall sign all contracts and other legal instruments that are approved by General Body.
6.1.4    In case of a tie, shall have the tie-breaking vote.
6.1.5    Shall have the privilege to sign checks as approved by the Executive Committee in absence of the treasurer.
6.1.6    Shall have the power to decide how the funds of Sanskriti are to be held in a financial institution.

6.2    General Secretary

6.2.1    Record the minutes of all meetings of the general body and the Executive Committee. He/she shall maintain permanent records of these minutes in good order for reference at any time.
6.2.2    Call roll when requested by the President.
6.2.3    Shall chair the Publication Committee.
6.2.4    Shall notify all the members of meetings in time.
6.2.5    Shall have the privilege to sign checks as approved by the Executive Committee in the absence of the President.
6.2.6    Keep and arrange physical custody of all materials, utensils and other valuables of Sanskriti.

6.3    Treasurer

6.3.1    Shall have custody of all funds of Sanskriti as well as bank accounts and financial records.
6.3.2    Be responsible for billing and collection of dues and donations.
6.3.3    Receive all moneys for Sanskriti events and deposit them in the bank account(s) approved by the Executive Committee.
6.3.4    Keep a full and accurate financial record.
6.3.5    Make full financial report at the annual general body meeting.
6.3.6    Arrange audit of the accounts by auditors as approved by the Trust Committee. (b).
6.3.7    The Treasurer shall fulfill the requirement with the Internal Revenue Service of USA as far as payment of taxes etc. by Sanskriti.(b).
6.3.8    Sign checks of up to $300 upon approval of the President. (b).
6.3.9    Any check over $300 will have to be co-signed by the President.(b).

7.0    Spending Limits

7.1    The Executive Committee is authorized to make discretionary commitment for purpose that is consistent with the objectives of Sanskriti but may be of ad-hoc nature. (c).

8.0    Removal from Office

An officer shall be removed from the office for due cause and with due process if any of the following occurs:

8.1    Fails to uphold the Constitution and by-laws.
8.2    Fails to perform his/her designated duties for any reason.
8.3    Fails to attend three consecutive meetings without prior approval of the Executive Committee.
8.4    Moves out of the area.
8.5    Any member of the Executive Committee may be removed from the office for the reasons described above by two-thirds vote of the General Body membership.

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