Constitution and By-Laws of Sanskriti

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SANSKRITI is an organization dedicated to the promotion of rich religious and cultural heritage of Bengal, a part of the Indian subcontinent. Our aim is to propagate and preserve the rich religious and cultural tradition of Bengal for the future generation of Bengalees in Western New York.


The name of the organization will be SANSKRITI.


The main objectives of Sanskriti are:
1.0    To promote religious, cultural, educational and social activities that are consistent with Indian culture, especially related to the people of Bengali origin.
2.0    To foster interaction and unity and enhance identity among members.
3.0    To promote good citizenship among members by instilling traditional Indian. values in them and making the members aware of the relevance of these values in present society.
4.0    To generate understanding of Indian culture, philosophy and religion among the people in the area.
5.0    To generate understanding and respect among members of all religious, ethnic and cultural groups.
6.0    To participate in various humanitarian activities for the benefit of the community.


Membership of Sanskriti will be open to persons who believe in its purposes without any restriction of color, creed or racial origin. The members shall uphold the constitution and by-laws of Sanskriti.

1.0    Memberships
1.1    Family membership: A family membership shall include husband, wife, unmarried children and live-in parents. Unmarried children will have to be below 25 years old and a full time student living with the family(or away in school)(c) to be eligible in the Family membership. Live-in parents are those who live with their children for more than 6 (six) months a year. (b).
1.2    Single membership: Any person who is 18 years or older.
1.3    Student membership: This category will not make any difference between single or family as long as the highest earning member of the family is a full-time student.
1.4    Life member: A life member shall have the same privileges as a single or family member.
2.0    Privileges: A member in good standing shall be entitled to receive all publications and membership mailings, vote and participate in all general organizational activities. For family members, husband and wife shall have individual voting rights. Unmarried children members over 18 shall have the same privileges as their parents.


1.0    All four categories of members above shall pay dues as fixed by general body of Sanskriti upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.
2.0    The period of annual membership shall be from January 1 to December 31 of the year.
3.0    Any member who does not pay dues within the year, his/her membership shall lapse for the year. Upon payment of dues, the year's membership will be restored after 30 (thirty) days from the date of such payment.

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